24 Hour Emergency Service #: 1-888-545-5305

Rental Equipment

Medsource Equipment Fleet:

  • Ambulances
    • 4×4 and medium duty chassis
  • Mobile Treatment Centres (MTC)
    • Strict GPS Speed monitoring program
    • CMVSS and CSA approved
    • Triple layer honeycomb construction for strength
    • Can be supplied with tracks for extreme terrain access
  • Medical / office command trailers
    • Tow behind. Several layout options
    • Can accommodate drug and alcohol screening with some models
  • UTV’s and ATV’s (4 seater. Can-Am and John Deere)
    • With medical stretcher, securely mounted to chassis
    • Can be supplied with tracks for extreme terrain access
  • Gas detection monitoring devices
    • Personal Draeger 4 / 5 / 6 gas monitoring devices
    • Zone/Area monitoring devices for 4-6 gasses
    • Various gas detection tools and accessories
    • Data logging / memory backup
  • Electronic Muster System
    • Monitor and account for an accurate head count of hundreds of personnel on site
  • Intrinsic hand held radios
    • UHF and VHF
    • In-house programming available
  • Starlink, Satellite phones, In-reach, remote communication solutions
  • Portable vehicle extrication kits
    • Manual hydraulic equipment, scene lighting, hand tools, many other options
  • Medical kits, AED’s, Helicopter landing kits, SCBA’s and other safety equipment